Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Clone Wars

Now I'm on to the next project with my friend's Dell Latitude C600. Having received the new 60gb drive it's time to clone the drive. Being on a budget I'm going with a freeware cloning software called XXClone. I've used it a couple of times before and had success so hopefully all will go well this time(probably just cursed myself). As of right now I've already cloned the drive and now I'm ready to make the switch. Also I'm using Xtatix Portadrive(purchased from NewEgg) to hook up the drive to the laptop.
First I shutdown the laptop. Remove the PortaDrive cable with the new drive. I then proceed to remove the existing 20gb drive. It's located on the left hand side. I remove one small phillips head screw. Carefully remove the drive by gently but firmly pulling on it. I notice I have to remove an adapter on the pin end of it. This I had to be careful with because it tended to pull to one side and bend the pins. Then after that I unscrewed the adapter cover on the other end again using a small phillips screwdriver. Then I proceeded to reassembly in reverse order. After reassembly I turned the machine happy to see the Windows splash screen then to the desktop. Success!


Anonymous said...

I'm attempting what you describe. My Dell 600m is all hooked up, but my new drive, the "clonee" is not recognized nor does it show up on my computer. No luck with jumper changes. Is this a drive problem? A portadrive problem? A USB problem?

rjplumer said...

It could be a driver problem. I was using XP and it had no problem recognizing the portadrive. I also used it with 2000 Pro with no problem. The only problem I had was when I tried to use on a laptop with Windows 98se on and unfortunataely it didn't recognize the item. Unfortunately I didn't have the driver disk(missing from my package). You could try the Xtatix website. http://www.xtatix.com/ For the correct driver.