Thursday, January 10, 2008

PC Basics: Right-click

This is what comes up on my desktop. I'm sure yours will be different.

I'm sure were all familiar with clicking on the left button but some people I've helped out were unfamiliar with the use of the right button of the mouse. What I'd thought I'd cover here today was the uses of the right button.
Right-click anywhere on your desktop and you'll get another menu to pop up. This is usually called the right-click menu(no brainer right?).It can also be referred to as the context menu or shortcut menu. What you click on will determine what type of choices you get. If you click on your desktop you'll get different choices than if you say click on your hard drive. You can usually create new folders, create shortcuts, and look at properties etc.
This was a quick look at the wonders of right-clicking on your mouse. I'm sure you'll sleep better tonight. Now you'll know at least what it's called and give you an idea of the uses of it. I believe it's an essential tool in using Windows. I don't think Apple user's got the second button until a relatively recently. Hey it took them awhile to catch up but they did. They were probably working on something that begins with i or something. Well have great day.

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