Monday, January 14, 2008

PC Basics: Working with Windows

This may be a major duh moment. With Windows being the dominant operating system there virtually is no getting around working with Windows in the computer world. I'm sure I'll get some hate mail from Apple and Linux users for that comment. What I'd like to cover here are the actual windows in Windows. I'll go over the basic parts of a window and what they do.

We'll start from top to bottom:

Title Bar: This gives you title of the window you are working on. It makes easier to identify when you have multiple windows open. The title will also appear on a button on the task bar.

Minimize: Click on this button and it will minimize the window and you should see a button on task bar.

Maximize: This will bring back the window to full screen view.

Close: Also known as the "X" button. Clicking on this button will close the window.

Main Menu: This bar gives you the basic functions you can choose from. Here is where you can save your work, change your view and etc.

Tool Bar: Here are usually your most used icons and functions. Most often an address bar is also included here too.

Elevator Bar: By using this you can scroll up and down your window by clicking and holding the elevator bar and moving up and down.

Quick tip: If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can click with the mouse anywhere in the window and move the wheel up and down to do the same.

That about covers the basics of using windows.

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