Saturday, January 12, 2008

Product Review: Bytecc 3.5" HD Enclosure

Front view.

Top view.

Rear view.

I finally received my hard drive enclosure from NewEgg. It's a Bytecc 3.5" Aluminum External Enclosure Model No. BT-380U2. It comes with CD, instructions and some screws. It seems to have a pretty solid casing and was heavier than I expected. It appears to be solidly constructed. I had read some reviewers mention the chrome trim being a bit cheesy with plastic but I didn't have any issues with that. It has 3 blue penguins that light up during operation that some people complained that it was too bright .I think they were being a bit too sensitive though they are bright but unless your eyes are six inches in front of it I doubt they'll be a bother. My one complaint though is the vague instructions. It told you how to install to computer but nothing on installing the drive itself. I would think that was an essential procedure.

Before installation.

Hard drive installed.

Installation is pretty much a snap.
1. You open the case.
2. Plug the hard drive cables onto the drive.
3. Mount the hard drive using the screws provided.
4. Insert drive 3/4 the way in and plug LED plug onto control board. Be careful I pinched the cables a bit when I pushed the drive in so just be aware of that.
5. Push drive rest of the way in. Be careful you may have manipulate the cables a bit to get it in.
6. Install screws to close it up.

Pretty blue penguins.

To install drive the instructions tell you to install while PC on I did it while it was off and it booted just fine. My Windows XP recognized it right away and it was working in minutes. I did install the CD software that came with just in case there is something I need on it. The whole operation took less than fifteen minutes. It has been working great ever since. Overall was a positive experience and I'd have no problem getting another of these.

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