Sunday, January 6, 2008

Quick Tip: My Recent Documents - Windows XP

After a late night of adventurous web surfing have you ever had your significant other ask where did this picture come from. She then shows you a picture from that would make your mother be very disappointed in you. How the heck did she find that? She was smart enough to check out My Recent Documents and you weren't smart enough to erase them. Not that it ever happened to me of course. Honestly I swear! Well anyway. How do you turn this sometimes annoying and embarrassing Windows feature off? Here are the easy steps:

1. Right click on your Start button and then click on Properties.

2. You then click on the Customize button.

3. Then you click on the Advanced tab.

4. You then click the Clear List.

5. You can uncheck the List my most recently opened documents box to stop this sometimes embarrassing feature.

This might save you from some quick explaining and some headaches in the future. Well good luck and be more careful next time.

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