Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crossloop adds Paypal

It's been awhile since I've commented on Crossloop. They've recently added a way to link Paypal to your profile. This is a great for those that you've helped to thank you. I have added it to my profile which you can see here. I love the program and it's easy to use. I generally stick to family or friends but if you'd like to have me help you shoot me an email or contact me through Crossloop. It's a nice way help others and perhaps make a little extra pocket money. I also forgot to mention the people behind Crossloop are awesome too. They are very friendly and helpful. Here's a cool video demo I found which goes into a little more detail.

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Mrinal said...

Thanks for the nice words about us, Bob!

I recommend that you add a few packaged services, hourly rate or some 'flagship' services that you can help with on your rate card.

Here is an excellent piece I recommend on making the most of CrossLoop as a Helper, if you have not seen it on our blog already: