Sunday, July 27, 2008

Problems with Firefox 3

A short while ago I upgraded my Firefox browser to version 3 on our trusty family computer. This computer while getting on in years(8 years old) is still the family workhorse running Windows 2000. I do like Firefox as a browser but this version seem to give me a few hiccups. Most recently it crashed and I wasn't able to open it at all. I'd get a pop up window that said:

Firefox had a problem and crashed. We'll try and restore your tabs and windows when it restarts. Unfortunately the crash reporter is unable to submit a crash report.
Details: The application did not leave a crash dump file.

I would click "OK" and then nothing. I tried it in "safe mode" and I got the same result. I decided to try and switch back to Firefox 2 and see if that would help but I soon ran into another problem. The browser would work but whenever I tried to go to an encrypted page I would get a message like:

Firefox SSL Protocol has been disabled

You don't realized how much you need this until it's gone. I tried to check on it through Firefox using the Tools/Options/Advanced/Encryption route to no avail. Everything according to the settings was correct though I still had the same result. After trying a few different things I came across the idea of creating another Firefox profile. I'm not sure exactly where I came across this idea(I think it was through a Firefox support page) but I gave it a shot. After creating a new profile and opening it I was happy with the result. Then I had to move my bookmarks to my new profile and I was up and running. It was kind of a pain but I worked it out. I'm still not sure what caused the problem. I haven't switched back to Firefox 3 just yet. I'll probably just leave it for now and see how it goes. Thanks for coming by and have a good day.

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