Monday, July 28, 2008

Update: I got a MAC!

After playing around with the Macintosh Classic for a couple of days I'm still a bit fascinated by this little machine. It's seems to have a bit of an odd cuteness about it. Sort of like an old VW bug does. Stylish but practical. Obsolete but appealing. Of course my wife saw it and said something like what the heck to you plan to do with it. Of course it's not really practical for anything these days other than curiosity.So I'm not really what to do with it. I may try and upgrade the memory but beyond that I'm not sure. I hate to throw away or discard things that still work even if they are out of date. I've found no shortage of fans around the net including of course Youtube has it's contributions as well. On the downside they weren't terribly easy to work on or easy to upgrade. This guy demonstrates how to open a MAC Classic with his special tool.

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