Sunday, July 6, 2008

Social Networking

I came across this article at PCMech by Rich Menga about social networking. It kind of got me thinking about it on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I'm sure anyone whose been around the internet or perhaps not have heard of the big guns like Myspace, Facebook etc. Others include Twitter, My Yearbook, LinkedIn should be mentioned too.

I've had some experience with them though I'm not a heavy user. Perhaps it's a twinge of guilt of being on the computer and not socializing with my own family. Kind of ironic I know. Anyway I just thought I'd give my two cents worth on the subject.

MySpace: I've actually had a MySpace profile for quite awhile. I just never did much with it though. I think I tried it out when they first got a lot press and I was curious. I've added some things to it here and there. I've got some friends on there but it sits mostly unattended most of the time.I never quite knew what to do with it.

My Yearbook: I was recently invited to this one by a friend and I tried it out. Though the name implies it's geared for the late teen and early twenties crowd I found plenty of people my age on there as well. It's kind of fun and silly at the same time. Not really a place for serious friendships or networking in my opinion. You tend to get a lot of "friend" requests from people you don't know. It seems like more of a popularity contest at times. Kind of like high school was(or is). I've got one real life friend(who originally invited me).

Facebook: I actually kind of like this one. It's a semi serious social network. Most of the people I have contact with are real life friends or relatives. Don't get me wrong it has it silly side but, it tends to be on the more mature side.

LinkedIn: This one is more on the serious side. Geared for more actual networking with professionals. It's almost like having your resume' online. If your looking for professional contacts or job hunting this is more your kind of site. No silly stuff here.

Well this was just my take on these sites. I don't have a particular dislike for any of these. They all seem to serve a niche. I guess it just depends on what your looking for. Have a great day.

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