Saturday, July 26, 2008

I got a MAC!

I got a Macintosh Classic that is. A friend of mine had this and let me have a go at it. At first it didn't work and all I got was the "sad mac" face with some error numbers. After playing with it I got it booted.

It's alive!

It is a Macintosh Classic model no. 0420 manufactured in March 1991. It has 9 inch monochrome CRT display. A Motorola 68000, 8 Mhz processor and it has at least 1 MB of RAM(I've been unable determine exact amount as of writing this). It is capable of holding 4mb of RAM. It does have the 40 mb hard drive.

It'll be interesting pulling this apart. A lot different from dissecting your typical PC. Unfortunately as far as software it doesn't have a lot installed. Ironicly it does have Microsoft Word and Excel installed along with some miscellaneous software. The software does work but tells me I don't have enough memory to use. It will open the program though.

One button mouse. Hard to believe these people now make the iPhone now.

It's an interesting computer to say the least. Hard to believe these were going for $1000 a piece back in the day. It's kind of a neat computer though I'm not sure what to do with it just yet. I could try and upgrade the memory a bit. From what I read these were popular for schools back when they came out. It's certainly different trying to use this with tiny 9 inch monitor. Boy has technology come a long way since then. Thanks for coming by. If your interested in more information on these here are some links I found:

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