Saturday, November 10, 2007

Computer Term of the Week - Boot

No I'm not talking about the one's you wear on your feet. For my British or Canadian friends it is not(not in computer terms) the trunk of an automobile. I'm sure if you've been around a computer enough you've heard the term to boot up your computer. One definition I found is:

"To load a program into the computer. The term comes from the phrase"pulling a boot on by the bootstrap." - Upgrading and Fixing PC's 15th Edition by Scott Mueller

By that definition it applies to any program you load into a computer. I believe more commonly it is used when you turn the computer on at first or when you restart your computer.Even then it could be broken down to Cold Boot or Warm boot. Cold boot is when the computer is completely powered down and then started up again. Warm boot is when the computer is on and is restarted again without completely powering down.

I hope these terms help you understand computers a bit more. For those that are a little more experienced please keep in mind we all had to start somewhere. If you have any terms you'd like to see please feel free to suggest some. Thank you for your time and I hope you come back again.

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