Friday, November 16, 2007

Computer Term of the Week - Computer

This might seem like an obvious one. Your even using one to view this. What exactly defines a computer. Again I turn to my trusty glossary in Upgrading and Repairing PC's by Scott Mueller 15th Edition and I come up with this....

Computer - Device capable of accepting data, applying prescribed processes to this data, and displaying the results or information produced.

This definition I believe covers a lot of ground. Let's face it computers are everywhere nowadays. In your automobiles, at your work, at your bank, in your cell phone to the mainframes of big corporations and government. Of course most of us probably hear computers and we think of the personal computer(or laptop) like the one your viewing now.
I remember growing up as a kid if we had a class using computers it was a huge deal. I remember a basic computer class in middle school(maybe junior high to you) . I believe they were Apple II's(not 100% sure) and we learned to use early Basic language. We printed stuff out on dot-matrix printers and made lines or letters move across the screen using some simple commands. We thought we were on the cutting edge of technology at the time. To this day I still find them an fascinating devices and I'm awestruck at times at what they can do. Well I digress . Thank you for coming by and hope you return.

Preview- Coming up next week....Data

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