Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lightscribe System Software

I may have mentioned before that last week I bought a new DVD Writer for one of my PC's. One of the features of it was something called Lightscribe. Lightscribe does sort of what it sounds like. It scribes labels on your CD/DVD. I had seen this advertised before and it was a selling point for me. Well just yesterday I finally purchased some Lightscribe CD/DVD's and decided to give it a try. My first couple of ones I wasn't impressed with. I used the Nero OEM software that came with the writer. They came out very light and were hard to read. I thought to myself I'm doing something wrong. So I Googled lightscribe software and I came across there website. I found some cool softwre add-ons and an update for my label writing. It also seems like I didn't have the latest Lightscribe System Software. I tried it out again this morning using one of the templates I downloaded and using Lightscribe program and low and behold it came out beautiful. Crisp clear and easy to read. For right now if you bought a writer with Nero do yourself a favor and checkout the Lightscribe website and update your software and use there software to do the label. I do like it overall and can't wait to try another. Take care and thanks for coming by.

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