Friday, November 30, 2007

Google Notebook

Ever just want to save a paragraph or quote and saved to your favorites and then forget what it was from later. Or even a school or work project your researching and you need to organize your stuff as you find. I recently discovered Google Notebooks and have begun to using it. Since I've been back to school recently I've had the need to research different subjects from time to time. Even though I'd bookmark(or in Favorites) certain web pages for further review sometimes I'd have to review the whole to try and remember exactly what I needed from it. with Google Notebooks I can highlight only what I need, right-click and save. Notebooks will even save the link where it came from(good also if you need to cite your source) in case you need to go back to it. You can organize it into different categories and such. I've only just begun using it so I'm sure there are more I've yet to discover. I'm quickly turning into a fan of this neat little application. Be sure and check it out if it's something that might help you out.

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