Friday, November 23, 2007

The Ultimate Troubleshooter

I recently came across this program from the people at . How I came across this was a review and video below from David Risley of Which he raved about the program and gave a pretty good demo of it. I decided to download the "demo" version of it. It does live up to what David said and more. I discovered much valuable info on my PC and was in plain english as advertised. I have put it on my list of software I'd like to get for troubleshooting. My one gripe about it though is one license per PC. To my this would be great for the hobbyist helping friends, family or the PC Technician troubleshooting a clients machine. At $30 a wack it could get costly. Maybe a stripped down free version would be nice. I do think it's nice if you'd like a better picture of your own machine and would like to tune it up. Give the demo a try.

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