Friday, November 23, 2007

Sleeper Project

For thanksgiving my brother-in-law came over with his old computer. He had got it somehow through a friend(freebie). He said he could never get it to boot up. It's an old Gateway 200 LP Mini PEEC-166 desktop. Looks like it's seen better days that's for sure. I hooked it up and sure enough it seem to lock up on boot. The hard drive was thrashing like crazy with a very audible clicking sound. I knew that the hard drive was culprit just by that sound. By some means of luck (some skill) I did get it to boot for a short while. It has Windows 98, for hardware it has a Pentium 1 MMX, (hold tight for the startling specs!!) a 1.6 gb hard drive with a whopping 32mb of RAM! Anyway after awhile it stopped running and I wasn't able to get it to reboot. I did some diagnostics with my UBCD(Ultimate Boot CD) and it(hard drive) came up with numerous errors(big surprise). I tried the freezer method. with little luck. I put it back in the freezer again for another try. It seemed I was close a couple of times (saving data). I'll give another shot again in little while. He(brother-in-law) left disappointed but not surprised. He was mainly concerned over some stuff still on the harddrive. It belonged to a friend who had passed away and would like to pass along any photo's and such to the family. He'd actually like a laptop in the future and I told him I'd keep my ear out for him. the desktop was actually a low priority. The desktop it's self kind of grew on me. It's an oldie but could be updated with a newer equipment and work quite fine. I think of it hot rod terms of a sort of "sleeper" PC. So I guess I sort of have another project. Have a good day and talk to you later.

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