Monday, December 10, 2007

File Recovery - Recuva 1.09

I found this one through PC Daily Tips. I decided to give this one a try. Pronounced like "Recover", Recuva scans for deleted files in your system and will tell you if it's recoverable or not. When you delete a file it actually is still on your hard drive only the Windows reference to it is gone. It's stays there until it is written over by another file. So if you accidentally deleted an important file there is still a chance it there. You must act fast though because the longer you wait the more chance the files been written over. The interface for this program is fairly easy to use. You can either enter the a file name or directory and hit scan. If your not sure of the name of the file you can leave it blank and hit scan and it will search your hard drive. Recuva will list all the files and tell you whether you have a chance at recovering the file. Nice little application if your in pinch.

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