Friday, December 7, 2007

Operating systems for older machine

First I'd like say thanks to for Ray accepting an invitation to post here. I work with Ray on a daily basis at our day jobs. What he brings here is his perspective on items like (but not limited to) laptop's, freeware software, alternate operating systems(Linux etc..) and his experience with dealing with spyware and virus's. I look forward to his stuff.

Ok on to my main subject which of course choosing an operating system for an older machine(say 5-6 years old in this case)> I came across an interesting item here from PC Daily Tips . The author tells how he put Windows 2000 pro in his wife's laptop. I've put Windows 2000 in several machines and also run on the family PC(which is close to 8 years old) and I find it to be a very dependable operating system which at times is faster than comparable machines running XP. It may not be able run all the latest games or highly graphical programs but for everyday home/office use it does the job. It's great for a second PC, student or kid's first PC. Linux might be for a more advanced user which I'm sure Ray introduce some here. Well that's just my two cents. Have a great day and come back soon.

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