Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crossloop 2.0

Here we go with Crossloop again. Earlier today my friend who had been fooling around with Crossloop all weekend hooked up together(via internet not the other way you perverts). Just prior I had installed the new 2.0 ver. I like the stats feature(I love stats!). We switched users a few times which was a nice feature. I have to admit it was kinda cool watching someone else use your PC. He showed how transfer files(another nice feature). As far as ease of use to me I'm not sure how it could get any simpler. The interface is simple to figure out and just looks friendly to use. I still give it a thumbs up. My main fear is that over time it'll become bloated with too many features. It's a great tool to use and exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for coming by.

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