Friday, December 21, 2007

What I need to know about personal computers - The Series

Recently a person asked me "What do I need to know about using my computer"? Here I was supposedly the "computer guy" who was suppose to have the answers and I didn't have a complete answer. It has made me think though. What are the the basic things that a PC user should know? Though I may use PC's a lot I probably don't know as much as I should about them either. I've come across many people who have purchased a computer in recent years but still don't know much about the machine that sits in front of them. They run the machine out of the box and hoped for the best. So in this series I hope to explore stuff from basic Windows use, internet use, security issues, and some fun things. At first I'll be concentrating on basics of Windows XP. Why XP? Why not Vista? Well because of a few different reason's. One XP is still out there running strong and is still used by the majority of user's. Vista it seems has some issue's and I've read from many user's online of even switching back to XP they get so frustrated. The other reason is that it's what I've got and I feel I'm still learning on it too. What I hope to do is share my learning experience all with the readers. I hope you enjoy and learn from the series. First installment is now being produced and should be published shortly so stay tuned.

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