Sunday, December 16, 2007

Free Parts

Today I was able to make it to my wife's aunts house. She knew someone who had some free computer stuff they wanted to get rid of. I went over not exactly sure of what exactly to expect. What I got basically was 4 monitors, 1 computer tower, 2 keyboards, and some misc. stuff. The prize of the catch was a 19 inch Compaq monitor(the other 3 were 14 inch). Then I went over to my wife's cousin who lives nearby to drop some stuff off. After a little while sure enough I was walking away with some more computer stuff with another 14 inch monitor, speakers with a subwoofer, wireless-G router(Linksys) and some more misc. parts. Talk about a car load of stuff. Came home and unloaded the stuff. Boy did I have to make some room. Of course the first thing I set up was the 19 inch monitor and what a difference from the 14 I was using(for my second computer) . I then plugged in the new speakers and they work great. The lone PC I got unfortunately doesn't power up. I believe the board is gone on it. Here's today's partial inventory list.

  • Compaq S900 19 inch CRT monitor
  • Dell Keyboard Model no. SK-8115
  • Linksys Wireless-G PCI adapter Model no. WMP54G
  • Linksys Wireless-G Router(compact) Model no. WRT54GC
  • PC -Tiger by Systemax(I believe this was through, specs are unknown)
  • Altec Lansing Model No. 08506P(2 speakers and subwoofer)
  • Mitsumi Keyboard Model No. KFK-E89HY
  • EMC 14 inch monitor Model no. 564SA
  • Acer 17" monitor Model No. 7277c(I thought it was a 14 at first)
  • Princeton Ultra 40 14" CRT monitor
  • Samsung Synchmaster 500s 14" CRT monitor
  • Logitech 2 button scroll wheel optical mouse
  • Miscellaneous Dell software
Not too bad a day's catch. The 17" monitor looks like a 14 inch when you first look at it. I haven't tested everything yet apart from the 19" monitor, speakers and PC. The PC can be updated with a newer board so I'll have to strip it down first then possibly rebuild it. It looks like it has two 128mb cards of RAM and a 64mb PCI video card which I hope works. This ought to keep me busy for awhile. I'll try and takes some pictures later and post them.

In other news it looks like I'll be tutoring on PC's now too. On Tuesday I start a in-person tutoring of a co-workers wife on basic PC use. I've had others who I've helped say I should do something like this. I'm actually looking forward to it.

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